UMAG - Svi turistički uredi sa područja Umaga na jednom popisu. Pronađite sve što vam treba u Istri. Smještaj, prijevoz, zabava, hrana, jelo, istarski specijaliteti i posebnosti. Konobe, Hoteli, Privatni smještaj, Zabavni i vodeni parkovi, Muzeji, Galerije, Spilje, Seoska domaćinstva, Koncerti, Trgovine, Suveniri. Istra na jednome mjestu.

UMAG - All tourist agencies from the Umag area in one list. Find everything you need in Istria. Accommodation, transportation, entertainment, food, meals, Istrian specialties and specialties. Conventions, Hotels, Private Accommodation, Entertainment and Water Parks, Museums, Galleries, Caves, Country Houses, Concerts, Shops, Souvenirs. Istria in one place. Excursions from Umag - While on your vacation in Umag, indulge yourself in an excursion to stunning natural and historical points of interest. Do you want to get to know rural Istria in a special way? Riding on four wheels in unexplored areas of the Istrian peninsula will give you an unforgettable experience which will stay in your memory forever. Head out to sea on an unforgettable boating adventure to Brijuni National Park and discover its magnificent nature, exotic animals and treasured archaeological sites. Fall in love with the culture, history and other magical images from the Istrian hinterland during this short journey that takes you to Grožnjan, Pazin, Livade, Motovun. Aquapark, the most entertaining waterpark in Istria, is situated on the cost of the most northern part of the Istrian penninsula, surrounded by a beautiful forrest in the hinterland of Novigrad (5km), and represents the perfect choice for a family's whole day stay. The most beautiful Croatian national park, Plitvice Lakes, is a globally famous natural phenomenon visited by over a million guests a year. Spend a day in beautiful nature seeing waterfalls. Go for a spectacular sailing trip off the Istrian coast, around Umag, and experience the sightseeing of the underwater scenery through the glass bottom of the Sveti Pelegrin catamaran. Do you want to know how it feels to live the life of a fisherman from the old songs that the local fishermen sing when they are returning their ships to the harbour? Go on a fish picnic with the Astral boat along the Istrian coast. One of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean Venice, is an excellent choice for a one-day tour to seei the cultural and historical sights. Enjoy pleasant sailing and a day filled with activities.

UMAGO - tutti gli uffici turistici nel campo di Umago in un elenco. Trova tutto il necessario in Istria. Alloggio, trasporti, intrattenimento, cibo, cibo, specialità istriane e le peculiarità. Taverne, alberghi, parchi di alloggio, divertimento e acquatici, musei, gallerie, grotte, le famiglie rurali, Concerti, negozi, souvenir. Istria in un unico luogo.

UMAG - alle Touristenbüros auf dem Gebiet von Umag in einer Liste. Finden Sie alles, was Sie in Istrien benötigen. Unterkunft, Transport, Unterhaltung, Essen, Essen, istrische Spezialitäten und Besonderheiten. Taverns, Hotels, Unterkunft, Freizeitparks und Wasserparks , Museen, Galerien, Höhlen, Ländliche Haushalte, Konzerte, Geschäfte, Souvenirs. Istrien an einem Ort.

Умаг - все туристические офисы в области Умаг в списке. Найти все, что нужно в Истрии. Проживание, транспорт, развлечения, продукты питания, продукты питания, блюда Истрии и особенности. Таверны, гостиницы, размещение, аттракционы и аквапарки, музеи, галереи, пещеры, Сельские домохозяйства, Концерты, Магазины, сувениры. Истрия в одном месте.

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